5 Things Casino Fans are Sick of Hearing


5 Things Casino Fans are Sick of Hearing

Gambling is one of the habits which does not affect you until you win a big pot. It is only after a big win that people start showing interest in gambling in the expectations of higher wins. But gambling game slot online malaysia done for too long without discipline can be frustrating as the losses become a burden until the next big win. No matter what, gambling is still fun and has a player base in millions around the world. People have good days and bad days in gambling. Having spectators during your bad days can bring up a lot of comments that can get into your nerves, especially when you aren’t having any luck in the slot online malaysia games. If you have just begun gambling and have a crowd of spectators around you when you are playing at slot machines or table games, be ready to hear these comments in the back which can sicken even the professional gamblers. Here are the things gamblers and casino fans are tired of hearing.


The game is rigged

Even though the casinos hold a major share in most of the games in casinos, which is called house edge, they do not keep rigged games. Casinos have no reason to cheat in the games as they are already making a lot of money. It is one of the things that the losing gamblers tell themselves to convince themselves that they are not overdoing their losses.

The drinks are for free

You will hear this a lot in the casinos as they do offer complimentary drinks. It is heaven for chronic drinkers, and they cannot help to hide their excitement for free drinks. But this irritates a lot of gamblers who are in the casinos to play seriously. Realize that the drunker you get, the more scope casinos have to expect a bad move from your side.


Borrowing is okay

One thing that you should avoid is asking others for some money to play. No matter how bad you are losing, walk away, which what you have. It is rude and a sign of compulsive gambling that you need to borrow money for gambling. If you do not have money in your pocket, you should not be in the casino in the first place.

Smoking is not a problem

Never be a gentleman to ask people around you if it is okay to smoke because it is not. Casinos have separate rooms for smokers where you can satisfy your smoking habit. Just do not smoke at the gaming tables when there are people around you. It is as simple as that.


Another trip to ATM

Do not be a maniac with money when you are inside the casinos as you will not portray yourself as rich but as a fool who does not know how to control his or her money. If you run out of money, the best thing to do is to leave the games for the day and come back next time. Visiting ATMs, again and again, is a sign of compulsive gambling that other gamblers can recognize easily.

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