5 Smart Ways of Winning Slots

Winning Slots

5 Smart Ways of Winning Slots

Slot machines are one of the popular casino games online as well as in traditional casinos. Although there is no way one can alter the outcomes of the slots, a few good strategies can help in controlling the losses and gaining more profits. Slot machines can offer the biggest jackpots in the casinos, but they also have a high house edge, and the outcomes are completely random. These tips will help you build strategies for your slot games so that you always play with less than what you can afford to lose to maintain a profit.

Free spins

Always play the free spins every time you get a chance. It will improve your winning by one more spin every time. The slot games offer free spins as welcome bonuses which can be used to check out a number of slot machines before you can start playing with real money. You can use all of these free spins on a single machine to have a better chance of winning a pot. While some websites offer free spins on registration, others ask for the first deposit. Make sure you are on a reliable website while trusting them with your money.

Low bonus turnover

When the online slot websites offer you free spins or other bonuses, notice that they will ask for a turnover requirement. It is the requirement of the wager multiplied to the amount of bonus offered. The wager multiplier can range from 10 to 100 times. The bigger the bonus, the higher will be its multiplier. So if you get a $10 bonus, you will have to turn it to $100 take out the win.

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Bonus win limits

There will always be a limit for how much you can win from the bonuses. You can take the wins from between the turnover and the win limits. This means that even if you cross the turnover of $100 and make $200, you will still be able to take out only $100. While some slot machines wipe off the remaining balance, some offer other types of bonuses after converting the balance.

Stop loss

Just like stocks, you will need a stop-loss strategy in slot games to maintain your financial stability. Stop loss is the limit for the loss that you have to set for everyday gaming. You can always come back next time and start playing. But continuing after stop-loss after in the hopes to win is a disastrous move. Slot machines have random outcomes and losing ten times straight holds no guarantee that the win is near.

Take profit

Just like stop-loss, you also need to set a limit for winning. Do not get too greedy and aim for higher wins as it is just a game of outcomes, and you have no control over it. Maintain a discipline of taking the profits when you have accomplished a fair pot. It will help you stay longer in the games as the wins can soon turn into no profits soon and can even take you down to losses if you play for too long without winning.

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