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  • Casino gambling is a unique entertainment which provides the thrill of risking nothing but money in order to test one’s luck and skills. But when the players are losing money in the casino games, it does not remain entertainment for long. The more one loses, the lesser they get to play the games, which means the less fun they will have. Also, when you play less, the lesser chance you will have to win big jackpots as the value of jackpot also decides the occurrence rate of the win. Determining your average loss will give you a fair idea of how much you should carry to the casinos so that you can play enough games to get considerable wins while controlling the losses. These facts will explain what affects your average loss so you can make better decisions. Casino

    Luck does not affect your average loss

    The rule one of gambling is to never rely on luck but chances. All the games in the casinos are based on chances, and still many believe in good and bad luck. Success and failure is a part of gambling and calling it luck does not make a difference. When you are losing big amounts of money, it is not because you are unlucky, but because you did not calculate your estimates properly.

    The speed of games has a role

    A quick way of reducing your average loss per hour is to reduce the number of turns you play. Every game has its own pace. Slots are the fastest while table games like poker and blackjack are the slowest. You can choose to play video poker and only play the number of hands you want to play. Even roulette is a slow game which can lower the average hourly loss rate. But it also has a relatively higher edge than other table games. Games

    Every game has a strategy

    Another way to determine the average loss rate and control it is to have a proper strategy for every game you play. By learning the basic strategy for games like blackjack, you can reduce the house edge to less than 1%. Every game has a house edge which can be reduced if the right strategies are implemented in every game without playing any careless hands.

    Club benefits and offers

    If a player becomes a premium member of a casino, the average losses can be reduced a lot. Every casino offers complimentary beverages, snacks, free rooms, and other benefits with or without club membership. Even though the figure of expenditure is not revealed, it can significantly reduce your average losses as it is similar to paying for other commodities.  Casino Club

    The games which you can beat

    Games like poker, blackjack, and sports betting are beatable, and the players can reduce the house edge by max on these. Whether it is counting cards in blackjack or using skills in poker, the more experience you get, the more you can reduce the house edge. Even sports betting can bring down the average loss if you have the knowledge of the games and know the players you can bet on to get guaranteed win.

  • Slot machines are one of the popular casino games online as well as in traditional casinos. Although there is no way one can alter the outcomes of the slots, a few good strategies can help in controlling the losses and gaining more profits. Slot machines can offer the biggest jackpots in the casinos, but they also have a high house edge, and the outcomes are completely random. These tips will help you build strategies for your slot games so that you always play with less than what you can afford to lose to maintain a profit.

    Free spins

    Always play the free spins every time you get a chance. It will improve your winning by one more spin every time. The slot games offer free spins as welcome bonuses which can be used to check out a number of slot machines before you can start playing with real money. You can use all of these free spins on a single machine to have a better chance of winning a pot. While some websites offer free spins on registration, others ask for the first deposit. Make sure you are on a reliable website while trusting them with your money.

    Low bonus turnover

    When the online slot websites offer you free spins or other bonuses, notice that they will ask for a turnover requirement. It is the requirement of the wager multiplied to the amount of bonus offered. The wager multiplier can range from 10 to 100 times. The bigger the bonus, the higher will be its multiplier. So if you get a $10 bonus, you will have to turn it to $100 take out the win. Online slot

    Bonus win limits

    There will always be a limit for how much you can win from the bonuses. You can take the wins from between the turnover and the win limits. This means that even if you cross the turnover of $100 and make $200, you will still be able to take out only $100. While some slot machines wipe off the remaining balance, some offer other types of bonuses after converting the balance.

    Stop loss

    Just like stocks, you will need a stop-loss strategy in slot games to maintain your financial stability. Stop loss is the limit for the loss that you have to set for everyday gaming. You can always come back next time and start playing. But continuing after stop-loss after in the hopes to win is a disastrous move. Slot machines have random outcomes and losing ten times straight holds no guarantee that the win is near.

    Take profit

    Just like stop-loss, you also need to set a limit for winning. Do not get too greedy and aim for higher wins as it is just a game of outcomes, and you have no control over it. Maintain a discipline of taking the profits when you have accomplished a fair pot. It will help you stay longer in the games as the wins can soon turn into no profits soon and can even take you down to losses if you play for too long without winning.

  • Gambling is one of the habits which does not affect you until you win a big pot. It is only after a big win that people start showing interest in gambling in the expectations of higher wins. But gambling done for too long without discipline can be frustrating as the losses become a burden until the next big win. No matter what, gambling is still fun and has a player base in millions around the world. People have good days and bad days in gambling. Having spectators during your bad days can bring up a lot of comments that can get into your nerves, especially when you aren’t having any luck in the games. If you have just begun gambling and have a crowd of spectators around you when you are playing at slot machines or table games, be ready to hear these comments in the back which can sicken even the professional gamblers. Here are the things gamblers and casino fans are tired of hearing. Gamblers

    The game is rigged

    Even though the casinos hold a major share in most of the games in casinos, which is called house edge, they do not keep rigged games. Casinos have no reason to cheat in the games as they are already making a lot of money. It is one of the things that the losing gamblers tell themselves to convince themselves that they are not overdoing their losses.

    The drinks are for free

    You will hear this a lot in the casinos as they do offer complimentary drinks. It is heaven for chronic drinkers, and they cannot help to hide their excitement for free drinks. But this irritates a lot of gamblers who are in the casinos to play seriously. Realize that the drunker you get, the more scope casinos have to expect a bad move from your side. Casinos

    Borrowing is okay

    One thing that you should avoid is asking others for some money to play. No matter how bad you are losing, walk away, which what you have. It is rude and a sign of compulsive gambling that you need to borrow money for gambling. If you do not have money in your pocket, you should not be in the casino in the first place.

    Smoking is not a problem

    Never be a gentleman to ask people around you if it is okay to smoke because it is not. Casinos have separate rooms for smokers where you can satisfy your smoking habit. Just do not smoke at the gaming tables when there are people around you. It is as simple as that. Casino

    Another trip to ATM

    Do not be a maniac with money when you are inside the casinos as you will not portray yourself as rich but as a fool who does not know how to control his or her money. If you run out of money, the best thing to do is to leave the games for the day and come back next time. Visiting ATMs, again and again, is a sign of compulsive gambling that other gamblers can recognize easily.

  • The rise on online gambling sites is at its peak with thousands of websites to choose from. The casino games are available online and can be played even in the countries which do not allow gambling. While some casino games are just for fun and free to play, some websites offer real money gambling system where one can make millions in the jackpot. If you too have plans of stepping into online gambling, these tips will help you make the right decisions.

    Make sure that the site is safe

    You will need good research to find a safe gambling site, especially when you are planning to play with real money. Take the help of reviews from other players and friends that you can trust to find a website which has a good player base and a positive reputation on the internet.

    Check the bonus terms before deposits

    Every online website offers bonuses to keep their users active and to attract more players. But the bonuses have certain terms and conditions that you should be thorough with before you make any deposits. A website can offer $100, but you will have to convert it to $1000 for withdrawal. Similarly, a website can offer a 200x bonus on the deposit, but only to a certain limit. Online gambling

    Learn basic blackjack strategy

    The best way to win consistently at blackjack is to learn the basic blackjack strategy. As no human dealers and cameras are looking at you, you can take your time to try out what you have learnt and make profits out of it. You can take the help of strategy cards and even keep a calculator to keep your game running.

    Check the cash out terms

    Games which offer large jackpots may come with their own terms and conditions. Progressive slots can give away huge amounts of money to players. Make sure that your website does not have any restrictions the withdrawal limits. Online casinos set a withdrawal limit to how much you can take out every week. If there is a limit, find out how much and if you are okay with it.

    Set stop-loss, take profit, and time limit

    Always have control over your game rather than the game having control over you. You should have a stop-loss, take-profit, and a time limit for everyday gaming. This will help to manage your finances better and keep the profits consistent. Stop loss is the limit that you can afford to lose every day. Take profit is the profit you should take and quit the game for the day without being too greedy. In case none of both happens, you should have a time limit to take time away from gambling for other things and your family.

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